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UltraVision CLPL CommerceWay, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU74RW, United Kingdom UK Orderline 0800 585115 (Freephone) t +44 (0) 1525 381 1 12 f +44 (0) 1525 370091 TINTING OPTIONS Tints are available on 3 different water contents: 58%, 67% and 77%. The material is a standard Hydrogel which is ideal for our range of tint colours and provides excellent comfort and stability. Type A Iris area clear Pupil only tinted Type B Whole lens tinted No separate pupil Type C Iris area tinted Clear pupil Type D Iris area tinted Pupil tinted separately SIMULATED IRIDES UltraVision supplies a range of tinted simulated irides for Prosthetic and Cosmetic contact lenses. Detailed below are the different iris, collarette and limbal band print combinations available. Please note Simulated Iris S1 will be supplied unless otherwise indicated. All Simulated Irides are supplied in black, with opaque backing. All combinations can be supplied with a clear pupil. Simulated Iris S1 Simulated Iris S1 with Limbal Band Simulated Iris S2 Simulated Iris S2 with Collarette Simulated Iris S2 with Collarette + Limbal Band COLLARETTE AND LIMBAL BAND UltraVision can supply a block colour Collarette and Limbal Band. The colours and densities available are as stated on the following page. Collarette and Limbal Bands are available on 67% and 77%material. Unless stated otherwise, the below rule will be applied to all limbal bands and collarettes: Handling Tint = 5% Limbal Band/Collarette 5% = 20% Limbal Band/Collarette 10% = 30% Limbal Band/Collarette 20% = 40% Limbal Band/Collarette 30% = Black Limbal Band only 40% = Black Limbal Band only Collarette Limbal Band (1mm) MI025/01.13/REV.2 Please see reverse side for colour options. Warranty: We strongly recommend all tinted lenses are purchased withWarranty at the point of order. *Limbal bands required on 30% or 40% tint densities will only be supplied in black. Collarettes are not possible on tint densities of 30% and 40%. It is not possible to have a Simulated Iris on a Toric design. TINTS ARE AVAILABLEON3 DIFFERENTWATERCONTENTS: 58%, 67%AND 77% 58% = 67% = 77% = TINT DENSITIES AVAILABLE Colours Brown Green Brown Grey Blue Grey Blue Aqua Green Yellow Orange Red Violet Black Black Pupil Simulated Iris – Black Tinted Limbal Band* TintedCollarette* Opaque Permanent Dot Handling Tint 5% 10% 20% 30% 40% Adres: Afrikaweg 51 9407 TP ASSEN 0592 405000 Website: Bestellen: